Back in the early 1970s several Siberian fanciers who were committed
to the breed founded the Siberian Husky Club of Greater Atlanta. In bygone
times preceding the internet, clubs were an essential part of the fabric of
friendship and social activity. Weight pulls, fun matches, shared dinners and
tall tales made the sport of conformation an attraction for both exhibitors and
spectators. The Club logo was designed by Alice Nisbet in 1980 and has remained the visible
anchor of our identity.

Rocket and Cash along with Elf Reid Fleming made friends at the Christmas parade.

While the metro Atlanta area population exceeds 5 million, the
Club boasts members from seven states. The two annual April Special-
ties hosted by SHCGA are held in conjunction with the Peach Blossom
Cluster in Perry, GA. There are a total of six opportunities for exhibitors
to compete during that week. 2016 yielded several new champions and
rewarded a number of different Siberians in the breed ring as well.
Breeder judge Delbert Thacker did not miss a step in his evaluations,
despite being in a boot cast! Pictures of this year’s placements recog-
nize the diversity represented in our circle of winners.

Tim and Lana Dorn hosted a cookout for all this spring following the Saturday Specialty.
The weather cooperated and several dozen folks learned more about each other as they shared
the day’s victories. Participants from seven states enthusiastically praised the Club for the food,
fellowship and trophies. Mark your calendars for our twin specialties in April 2017!

Cricket makes weekly therapy visits to the Cerebral Palsy day center.

We are actively involved in the community and were the first club to receive the AKC Community Service Award. SHCGA also serves as a local source of information for Siberian Husky
enthusiasts throughout the Southeast. The Atlanta Club has long been recognized for its hospitality in serving at the National Specialties. The gathering in Topeka last fall was greatly appreciated by hungry and soggy exhibitors! Our Club members have participated in meet the breed events, local parades, hosted CGC testing, conducted judges’ education seminars, held raffles, assisted in rescue and transport, and supported therapy visits in a number of different venues.

Commitment and leadership are essential for the success
of any organization and the Club is fortunate to have the talent of these individuals for 2016: President – Tim Dorn; VP – Cathy
Wilcox; Recording Secretary – Jenn Rast; Treasurer – Ginger
Aldrich; Corresponding Secretary – Katie Fleming; Board
Members – Liz DeMartino, Lana Dorn and Lindsey Morin. Each
of these folks has contributed to the continuing mission of promoting our breed and our Club.

Can you remember the excitement the first tine you saw a Siberian?

More than 40 years ago the Siberian Husky Club of Greater Atlanta was the dream of a few
folks in Georgia. Today, it is the successful reality…the result of ongoing efforts and the deep de-
sire of a great group of Siberian owners to promote our breed.